KATB ep. 12 Knitting Notebook and Project Progress

Showing off progress on all the non-cotton dishcloth projects I’ve been working on. Check it out!

Ravelry name: craftsbycori

Knitting All the Blankets podcast group

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DIY Planner Covers

In this video, I show off some of the scrapbook papers I’ve made into covers for my Monster Flex. With the help of my coworker, who owns a Fuse Tool (from We R Memory Keepers), I now have a clear pocket on the front of my Monster Flex.

We R Memory Keepers Fuse Tool

*This is not a sponsored post.*

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#onebookJuly2017 wk 4 update and wrap up

Who’s late getting her #onebookJuly2017 update video out? ME!!! The month may be over, but I’ve still got a project to finish. Here’s an update:

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