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Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Notebook

I recently bought a Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Notebook. I thought my Chic Sparrow Dr. Jones B6 would be my last TN. Famous last words right? In the video, I got over this TN in more depth. Pros:  Listed as a … Continue reading

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DIY Mini Flex

When I discovered regular flex binders came with bigger rings, I had an idea for a DIY mini flex. I’ve been using Mini Flex binders since I first discovered them. I wished the rings were a bit bigger. You can … Continue reading

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My Full Planner Collection

My planner collection! I’ve been asked in comment of previous blog posts, just how many planners do I have. This post, I’m going to go through my entire planner collection and what’s on my planner shelf. Warning: this is a … Continue reading

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