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DIY Mini Flex

When I discovered regular flex binders came with bigger rings, I had an idea for a DIY mini flex. I’ve been using Mini Flex binders since I first discovered them. I wished the rings were a bit bigger. You can … Continue reading

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My Full Planner Collection

My planner collection! I’ve been asked in comment of previous blog posts, just how many planners do I have. This post, I’m going to go through my entire planner collection and what’s on my planner shelf. Warning: this is a … Continue reading

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Passion Planner Flip Thru February 2017

Time for a planner flip thru! Another month in the books (or the planner) for my Passion Planner. I’m actually amazed with myself that I’ve stuck with this planner this long to be honest. I apologize for shaky camera. My … Continue reading

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