Weekly Writing Update (2/11-16/2019)

What have I been working on?
  1. Proposal packets, namely the Chronicle Book proposal.
  2. Also wrote another article for Carie Harling’s Paper Planning eMagazine.
  3. Filling in the Food Calendar for another nonfiction book.
  4. Finished March Patreon story (yay!!!)

What’s in Edits right now?

Not editing any stories, but did edit an article I submitted.

Publication Research:

Other than double-checking the requirements for each publisher for this month, no.

Anything submitted?

Submitted my 7th–possibly–article to Paper Planning eMagazine on long term tracking.

Anything Else to Share?

I’ve been reading some self-help and time management books. Videos review these books can be found on the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwETw4Z0geZ52u9AErAZJwg

Plans for the Week:

  1. Continue working on proposal packets.
  2. Edit March Patreon story and upload it for Patrons (you guys!).
  3. Begin writing Bobbin Lace History chapter.
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Book Review: The Quarter-Life Breakthrough by Adam Smiley Poswolsky

Finished reading this book and working through the Breakthrough Exercises in this book. Really enjoyed it.

Amazon link

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Harry Potter Planner Walk-Thru

Found this planner on Clearance at Books-A-Million for $3.21!!! Enjoy the walk-thru of the layout!

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