Weekly Writing Update (2/17-23/2019)

I’ve been busy this week! Whoa!

What have I been working on?

  1. Edited and uploaded March Patreon story
  2. Finalizing the Chronicle proposal: Market Analysis (which wasn’t easy)
  3. Wrote the sample chapter for proposals
  4. Changed the Storey proposal to A to Z Knitting and put that together.
  5. Go Travel article about a couple of restaurants near the Pantheon.

What’s in Edits right now?

  1. Edited March Patreon story before uploading
  2. Edited Sample Chapter of A to Z Knitting Stories before adding it to proposal packet

Publication Research:

I found out that Page Street Publishing has become a Vanity Publisher, so I’ve sub-ed in Gibbs Smith Publishing and have been working on a proposal packet for them.

Anything submitted?

  1. Submitted A to Z Knitting Stories proposal to Storey Publishing
  2. Submitted A to Z Knitting Stories proposal to Chronicle Books

Anything Else to Share?

Went to my first planner meet up this past Sunday (24th). That was interesting.

Plans for the Week:

  1. Finish Pantheon Eats article and submit.
  2. Square One & Gibbs Smith proposals…they’re getting the same book, just need to DO it.
  3. Bobbin Lace history chapter
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Books Read in 2018


3/18/2018 Gaby Dunn & Allison Raskin I Hate Everyone But You Nice refreshing piece of fiction after a long piece of nonfiction
3/27/2018 Maureen Johnson Truly Devious Very good. Really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the next 2 in the trilogy.
5/8/2018 Andrea Curtis What’s For Lunch: how schoolchildren eat around the world Cute children’s book. Want to own a copy.
7/4/2018 Irving Stone The Agony & the Ecstasy very interesting
7/28/2018 Annie Spence Dear Fahrenheit 451 Cute. Especially funny if you’re a librarian.
8/11/2018 Florence King Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady Hilarrious, and scandelous.
9/29/2018 Rockridge Press The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners Yummy
10/25/2018 Michael Pollan Cooked: a natural history of transformation Dense, but full of information; worth reading
12/15/2018 Bill Price 50 Foods that Changed the Course of History Bibliography used for CD purposes
12/19/2018 Edgar Cantero Meddling Kids OMG SOOOO GOOOD!
12/20/2018 Sally Goldenbaum Seaside Knitters Mysteries #3 Moon Spinners
12/22/2018 Sally Goldenbaum Seaside Knitters Mysteries #4 A Holiday Yarn Didn’t see the murderer coming!
12/23/2018 Sally Goldenbaum Seaside Knitters Mysteries #5 The Wedding Shawl
12/26/2018 Sally Goldenbaum Seaside Knitters Mysteries #6 A Fatal Fleece
12/27/2018 Sally Goldenbaum Seaside Knitters Mysteries #7 Angora Alibi
12/29/2018 Sally Goldenbaum Seaside Knitters Mysteries #8 Murder in Merino
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Planner Babe Tag Video

Planner Babe Questions:

1. What bag do you carry your planner in?

2. How many planner do you actually use at one time?

3. What is your planning routine?

4. What snacks do you eat during planning?

5. When did you start planning and how did you get introduced to the Planner Community?

6. Life before planning? Productive or not?

7. What is your layout preference? (I SKIPPED THIS ONE! OMG)

Answer: Vertical week on two pages.

8. Do you prefer sticker kits or create my own spread? What is the most you have spent at a store for planner supplies?

9. Do you prefer spiral, disc, or journal style?

10. Favorite planner supply?

11. Favorite thing to plan? Meals, Budget, Faith, Cleaning

12. Any funny planner stories?

What’s in My Bag? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgU7V…

Lost Filofaxes story video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjInd…

Planner journey video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vn2CD…

Notebook haul video#1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQO7u…

Notebook haul video #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZwiS…

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