More Mead Shopping OrganizHer Findings

As you all know, I am completely smitten/over the moon/fabulously happy with my Mead Shopping OrganizHer notebook (aka the Mini Flex).

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So, after playing with it for a few months, here’s what I’ve found out:Steno pad paper fits almost perfectly. You may need to trim off the fringe at the top. Personal choice really.

  1. If using regular loose leaf notebook paper:
    1. Wide Ruled: count down 19 lines and cut. Measure width to 5 ½” across the page and cut. No need to punch. Already punched correctly.
    2. College Ruled: count down 22 lines and cut. Again, measure to 5 ½” across the page and cut. No need to punch. Already punched correctly.
    3. The little scraps can also be punched and used for shopping lists (waste not.)
  2. Plain paper just needs to be cut along the long side at 5 ½ inches and punched appropriately.
  3. Remember no special punch needed. Use a regular 3 hole punch, but aim for the top two hole punches.
  4. This product is also available of Amazon.

  1. Small prepunched calendar pages do no line up. If you want to use them, I suggest washi taping over the holes and then repunching them in the correct fashion.

© Cori Large April 5, 2015

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  1. Teresa says:

    Very useful tips! Thank you for being so helpful.

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