Customized Bullet Journal Notebook

I made the video to go along with this post back in December, and then promptly forgot to write the post. Ironic since I blog mainly about planners and being organized, but what can you do?


If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I’ve dabbled in bullet journaling and that I enjoy the concept. However, I couldn’t get past just how unstructured the system was. I need a little bit of structure. So I decided when I started a new journal, I would set it up how I thought a bullet journal should be set up—well, to make it work for me at least.

Here’s the video link so you can see what it looked like before I started using it:

I’m about half way through the journal, which isn’t saying much, since all my set ups took up about 2/3 of the pages. This journal is also college ruled, something I don’t care for in journals, but I loved the cover sooooo much I made an exception for the paper.

How I set this journal up:

MO2P—24 pages for December 2015 to December 2016 monthly set ups.


WO1P—52 weekly set ups. I tried to vary the design.




Then I started the collections/journaling/dailies section. I didn’t do any official collections or lists, just used this section for journaling.



I did start my Index, in the back, but don’t keep it up to date. I only make reflection sections or if I do a pro/con or Compare&Contrast of some planners.

This set did not work for me. Mainly because I didn’t remember to use it. That’s my own fault. I love the bullet journaling concept, especially the collections, so I think I’ll just take that part of the system and run with it.

© Cori Large February 19, 2016

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29 Responses to Customized Bullet Journal Notebook

  1. Candy says:

    Interesting idea. Will research this more.

  2. I love anything that involves lists or writing things down! I have multiple notebooks, post-its, dozens of notes on my phone, etc. and really need to find some kind of a better way to organize it all. I’m not familiar with what a “bullet journal” is, though.

  3. Emily says:

    I love these ideas! 🙂 Always a fan of colored markers!

  4. YOu did a great job! Thanks for sharing your method and the graphics you used.

  5. Neely (@Neelykins) says:

    I love this! I love anything journal related

  6. Hil says:

    Never heard of that system of journal-ling before. I’m not big into journal-ling but I can see it’s benefits and understand the draw.

    • caendicott says:

      It’s called journaling, but it’s so much more than that. It’s one place for all your thoughts and To Do’s. That’s why I like it so much.

  7. Nice set up, it looks great!

  8. This planner is beautiful and you have great handwriting.

  9. I sort of have a bullet journal too. Like you, I found that parts of the bullet journal system work for me so I focus on those now. 🙂

    • caendicott says:

      That’s what’s so great about the bullet journal system. I love the customization of it and if I mess up, I just turn the page.

  10. I had to look up “bullet journaling” because I wasn’t familiar with the concept, but I like the idea of it! Keep it up!

  11. Kusum says:

    Love such a cute design on the journal! Really like how you have set it up.
    xx, Kusum |

    • caendicott says:

      I love the design of this journal. Normally, I wouldn’t buy college ruled journals, but the cover and the watermarks on the pages swayed me.

  12. Jessica says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the notebook I ordered to start my bullet journal…..any minute now the postman should be ringing my door bell. I’m looking forward to trying this system – the unstructured nature of the bullet journal is what I think is going to lead to my success with the system. I’ve tried so many different planners that start off great, but can’t be customized enough to meet my ever changing planning needs. I can’t wait to get started!!!

    Your notebook is super cute – I’d make an exception for college ruled paper for a planner that cute!

    • caendicott says:

      I have a separate planner (monthly booklet) that is structured. I need structure in that regard, but I love how free form the bullet journal is. I hope you enjoy the BuJo system!

  13. This is cute! I would love to create a customized planner/journal but never get around to it 🙁

    • caendicott says:

      Great thing is you can do this one page at a time. I just wanted to see if I would use it IF I went ahead and set everything up ahead of time.

  14. angie Scheie says:

    All of a sudden it feels like I am hearing about these bullet journals everywhere. Even though I’m not artistic at all I really like the concept because of the customization. Thanks for a peek inside yours!

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