Filofax and Mini Flex Hacks w/ Video!

FF & MF hacks (1)

I’m really excited to share the Filofax (FF) and Mini Flex hacks I discovered with all of you. You all know how much I love my Mini Flex and my Day-Timer Rose Gold Malibu (RG). I was gifted my cousin-in-law’s 20 year old Filofax Finsbury. I didn’t know how I was going to use it, since I couldn’t wrap my head around the size. Don’t ask me why, I just couldn’t.

When I started using my RG, the ring set up is the same as a personal size Filofax. For funsies (pronounced FUN-ZEES), I wanted to see if the ring configuration for a Size 3 or FF personal insert and an A5 insert would fit the two ring of my Min Flex…

And what do you know!

FF & MF hacks (2)

FF & MF hacks (3)

FF & MF hacks (4)

Both the personal and A5 inserts can be put into my Mini Flex! And the Size 3 inserts can fit into the A5!

FF & MF hacks (5)

FF & MF hacks (6)

The holes are smaller in diameter than a normal 3-hole punch, but I can make it work if I want to. I really like that I can move inserts between the three different planners/notebooks/binders.

YouTube Video link:

© Cori Large 12/31/2015


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20 Responses to Filofax and Mini Flex Hacks w/ Video!

  1. Charline says:

    WOW this looks great! love the planner

  2. Iryna says:

    I like this planner. Looks very multi functional. I have a very simple one, but would love to have something like this one day.

  3. Amanda says:

    I love seeing hacks for planners even though I buy and use cheap ones from Target. I would love to see how you decorate and write in your planners!

  4. Lucy says:

    It’s nice that different sizes inserts fit into the different planners!!

  5. That’s great that you can find different uses for them, and still make them work for you!

  6. I just bought my first filofax! I unbound my Inkwell Press planner and now keep it in the filofax. Why have I never done that before? WHY??

  7. Kusum says:

    You are such a planner, love this one. I am on a mission to start and complete mine in a week’s time (too many things happening right now), hopefully next week! I am definitely coming back to your blog for all your wonderful tips 🙂
    xx, Kusum |

  8. Emily says:

    Ooo this looks nifty!

  9. Morgan says:

    Love writing in an actual planner! Something so satisfying about checking off tasks as you finish them and planning out your week in pen!

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