Planner Guilt

How many out there have too much of something and feel slightly guilty about it? Shoes? Purses? Earrings? Tools? Yarn? Planners? Washi Tape? Scrapbooking supplies?

I discovered the Planner Addict World December 2015, and I haven’t climbed out of the rabbit hole yet. In my experimenting with various styles of planners and containment units, I’ve figured a few things out, but I am still tempted by all the pretties!

One night while lying in bed, my husband commented that I was thinking too loudly (an inside joke between us) and what was I thinking about. I admitted to feeling guilty about my indecisiveness in regards to what type of planner containment unit I wanted to use and how much money I was spending on trying to figure things out.

(For the records, I’ve probably only spent $150-200 and I’m buying used and re-selling when I figure out one doesn’t work for me.)

So after all that why do I feel guilty? I hate being indecisive and constantly trying new things, i.e. planner containment units, purses, etc. I KNOW! I’m a weirdo. I don’t like having too many of a particular thing because I feel like there is no point because I won’t use them all regularly.

Does that make any sense?

Is there any part of your hobby you feel slightly guilty about?

© Cori Large December 8, 2015

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27 Responses to Planner Guilt

  1. The Cuteness says:

    I need my planner to be functional, first and foremost. I use the Day Designer, and although it was pricey, I don’t care much about the add-on’s, even though I think they’re super cute. I love having my to-do list written down and organized so I can check things off. That’s my priority!

    • caendicott says:

      I’m glad you found something that works for you. I was overwhelmed by all the choices I didn’t know I had. Now, I’m finally stable (planner-wise).

  2. Charlene says:

    Girl I feel you! I don’t really own too many planners because I limit myself there. (But I do currently have 4 planners for 2016). But my real problem is journals! I am terrible about buying new journals just because they’re pretty before I completely fill in the one I’m working on. It’s bad. lol

    • caendicott says:

      I’m bad with journals as well. I haven’t written the posts yet, but I have videos about my entire journal collection: used and blank!

  3. Jenny says:

    I’ve never used a planner because I have no idea where to start. That would definitely be me, I would have to buy so many of them to figure out what I like!

    • caendicott says:

      Ironically, before December 2014, I didn’t have any planner guilt, but once I found this vortex I went nuts. Now I’m more grounded and I know what works.

  4. Haha I have noticed a lot of planner reviews on your site. I don’t know that I have anymore guilty buys…it used to be DVDs but that was before I got Netflix 2 years ago and about 3,000 worth of DVDs got stolen from my apartment.
    Now I probably over spend on experiences but no regrets 🙂

    • caendicott says:

      2015 was definitely planner year for me. Ha ha. I know what you mean about DVDs. Our collection has definitely slowed growth-wise, since we have both Netflix and Amazon Prime. I’m all for spending on experiences. Need to start saving up for those.

  5. Danielle says:

    This is a mega planner!! It looks amazing. I wish I had that many things to keep track of in order to have that many types of pages! Thanks for sharing your planner!!


  6. Jessica says:

    I am that way with clothes, I have so many clothes because I HATE laundry than I feel guilty I have all these clothes. I have gone through so many planners and I always go back to the Target ones.

  7. I love seeing all the cute planners my blogger friends post about, but years ago I got tired of always carrying one and converted to just using my phone. Big step since I would carry my planner everywhere, but I like that my phone syncs to all my devices.

    • caendicott says:

      I personally couldn’t handle going digital. I remember things better when I write them down, and if I put something in my phone, I usually lose it. Glad it works for you.

  8. Victoria says:

    I feel guilty spending money on everything! Craft Supplies & Shoes are my biggest weaknesses though.

    • caendicott says:

      I was horrible about yarn!!! Now I only get it if it’s on clearance (and I like it obviously), and I’m trying to knit through my stash before buying anything else.

  9. Jessica says:

    The planner thing is causing me issues too- It’s so fun but AHHHH all the choices!

  10. I’m never happy with my planner and I buy a new one every three to four months because of it! My current one has been with me for about 6 months but I’m itching for a new one… I definitely understand planner guilt!

    • caendicott says:

      I was like that for most of 2015, but August I started using my Day-Timer Rose Gold Malibu, personal size, and I haven’t wanted to move out of it.

  11. Rachel G says:

    haha, wow, this is a world I don’t know much about, but I’m glad that there’s a hobby out there to suit every interest. My planner cost less that $5 and it has space to write down everything I need to do and that’s all I ask of it. My more expensive hobby is sewing, which definitely costs money for the equipment and materials–I had to sell my sewing machine when we moved overseas, so I’m saving up for a new one at the moment, I miss sewing very much!

    • caendicott says:

      You sound like one of my good friends. She has tubs and files cabinets full of fabric that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do make with it, but she has it.

  12. Erlene says:

    I have one planner, but my guilt is crafting supplies. I used to have fabric guilt, but I’ve moved on…lol.

    • caendicott says:

      Mine used to be yarn and journals before I discover planners. Now I’m coming off the planners and I’m hoping a new obsession doesn’t pop up soon. I can’t afford a new one right now!

  13. I totally have this problem. I’m guilty of always buying new notebooks and planners just because they’re cute. You’re way better than me because I don’t even feel bad about it LOL.


    • caendicott says:

      The funny thing is my husband DOESN’T care! I suffer from buyer’s remorse often. It’s a fun thing to laugh about in our house.

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