2015 Most Popular Posts

This was my first year on this site. Here are some of the most popular posts I’ve had this past year.

Title: Goal Setting and Mind Mapping

# of Visitors: 71

Title: Home Page

# of Visitors: 41

Title: New-to-Me: Woven Bookshelves Planner

# of Visitors: 35

Title: Interesting Blog Links-December 2015

# of Visitors: 35

Title: The Perfect Planner Tag

# of Visitors: 22

Title: Product Review: Regular Flex Binder Review

# of Visitors: 20

Title: Monthly Check-In 2

# of Visitors: 18

Title: What I like about the Passion Planner

# of Visitors: 15

Titles: Goals Update-January 2016

# of Visitors: 13

Title: Christmas Tags w/ Videos

# of Visitors: 11

© Cori Large January 2, 2016

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20 Responses to 2015 Most Popular Posts

  1. Missy says:

    I like the way you laid this post out! I loved your post on Goal Setting and Mind Mapping! I love goals and I love supporting others in writing and achieving them!

  2. Excited to go back and read all of these!

  3. I love seeing popular posts! I will have to check all these out!

  4. Chelsea says:

    Congrats on the successful year and great posts!

  5. I love some of these posts! I’m bookmarking all of the planner ones 🙂

  6. Cool, thanks for sharing! Congrats on a successful first year!

  7. Becki S says:

    Great idea, I should look at my posts in term of visitors! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Emily says:

    Oh I definitely want to check out the goal setting and mind mapping post 😀

  9. Kate says:

    Cant wait to read all of these! Thanks for sharing!

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