Redoing College

How many of you got a degree in something that you weren’t 100% passionate about?

My bachelor’s degree is in General Business Administration, focusing in Accounting and Management. The knowledge I gain from this degree has helped me in the real world, but recently I found myself fantasizing about what degree or career I would have pursued if I wasn’t so worried about the paycheck that came with it.

I came up with four other potential careers or degree programs that I would have like to have pursued if I hadn’t chickened out and gone for the security blanket degree:

  1. Financial Advisor-career
  2. Research Assistant-career
  3. Creative Writing-degree program
  4. Nutritional Anthropologist-degree program/career

Each of these will get its own post, going into detail about the education requirements, potential job placement and income, and why this career/degree program interests me.

If you could go back to college or go to college in the first place, if future earning and job opportunities weren’t a worry, what degree and/or career would you pursue? Please leave you answer in the comments.

© Cori Large October 29, 2015

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4 Responses to Redoing College

  1. Canyon says:

    I got an A.S in Criminal Justice.
    If I went after my bachelor’s or even masters degree it would be in business or as a research assistant.

    Thanks for making me think of potential future careers.

  2. Becki S says:

    I would have gotten my BA in Business and then gotten my MBA. I went the education route but have recently switched to HR and am having to do some quick catching up to move forward.

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