Interesting Blog Posts-October 2015

I started compiling links of blog posts that I wanted to save in case I wanted to reference them again. I thought I’d share them with you. Hopefully, you’ll find something interesting to read.

FYI, this post just happen to be all planner related. I will sort into categories as I collect links.

Filofax—Union Jack edition

I sent this to my MIL because she and my FIL used Filos when they worked in Britain. She hinted at trying to find one for me…potential Christmas present?

Using a Planner with a Notebook

This post essentially gave me permission to do what I’ve been doing: Day-Timer Portable Malibu in Rose Gold + Mini Flex refillable notebook.

I bought a planner…now what do I do?

I follow this blog, and I love this post mainly for the title. There are a lot of new planner users who have the exact same thought after they purchase their first planners.

How to Balance Your Time Budget

This post reminded me of when I was in school with a 2 hour commute, and working a part time job. I would differentiate work, school, and travel all with different color highlighters.

How to Use a Planner: a guide for new users

This is a wonderful post for beginner planner users.

5 Easy Steps to Transform a Blank Page into a Planner Page

OMG! I love this post! It’s one of my favorite blog posts. To me, blank paper is the perfect planner insert. So much freedom!

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6 Responses to Interesting Blog Posts-October 2015

  1. I like this blog post idea – I read/save blog posts but then forget about there or don’t remember where to find them again. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ri says:

    Great list. Thanks for sharing

  3. candy says:

    Like the way you group planners and for so many different uses.

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