Weekly Writing Update (Dec 16-22, 2018)


Date: Dec 16-22, 2018
What have I been working on?
  1. Adding more publishers and lit mag/journals to my excel spreadsheet.
  2. Wrote a little bit on “Baking Competition” Round 2
What’s in Edits right now?
  1. CWP4AM edit 1
  2. Obsession edit 4
  3. WK2T edit 5? (Found some errors while writing novella #2)
Publication Research: Added 20 publishers to excel.
Anything submitted? Nope.
Anything Else to Share? My latest article for Carie Harling’s PaperPlanning magazine was published. http://paperplanning.com/article/planning-is-personal-people/
Plans for the Week:
  1. January Patreon story
  2. “Baking Competition” Round 2
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