Weekly Writing Update (Oct. 1-7, 2018)

Date: Oct 1-7, 2018

What have I been working on?

  1. “Obsession” edit 4, if you can believe it! I added some clarification time frames to a part of the story that my beta readers said was confusing.
  2. Added 151 words to Candle Making section of the Homestead Adventures book.

What’s in Edits right now?

CWP4AM edit 1 is still incomplete. I started it, just haven’t finished it.

Publication Research:

Added 6 potential publishers to my Publisher excel spreadsheet. Two of which ask for travel related pieces. I’m thinking about taking CWP4AM and writing a new version from a foodie perspective.

Anything submitted?

Nothing submitted, but I’m brainstorming a new travel piece to submit. See above.

Anything Else to Share?


Plans for the Week:

  1. Add 5 more publishers to the Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Work on Character outlines for Traveling Knitter Series.
  3. Finish writing my piece for my Creative Writing Group.
  4. Begin reworking the Italy trip (CWP4AM) into a food story for 2 different journals.
  5. Work on “Baking Competition” Round 2.
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