Weekly Writing Update (Aug 26 to Sept 1, 2018)


Date: August 26, 2018 – September 1, 2018
What have I been working on?
  1. Picked out my 5 poems for the Cigar City submission.
  2. Edited and uploaded “We Should Have Lunch and Catch Up!”
What’s in Edits right now?
  1. Obsession is still in stage 4.
  2. Can We Pause for a Minute? is still in edit 1.
Publication Research: No research this week.
Anything submitted?
  1. Submitted 5 poems to the Cigar City Poetry Journal this week.
Anything Else to Share? I heard back from Open: Journal of Arts & Letters. They rejected my piece of flash fiction, “Closure.” Oh well.
Plans for the Week:
  1. Write Round 1 sessions of “Baking Competition.”
  2. Read through remaining Bobbin Lace articles for Workbook’s History section.
  3. “Obsession” edit 4

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