Pen Case Tag

  1. What pen case are you using?

    Currently, I am using a Bare Escentuals make up case. Pen Case (1) Pen Case (2)

    2. Why do you use it?

    It was around and I thought it was pretty.

    3. Where is it from?

    Found it in a box while I was cleaning stuff out.

    4. Do you carry it out and about, or does it stay home?

    Depends on the day. Sometimes it comes with me, sometimes it stays home.

    5. Show the inside.

    Pen Case Tag (3)

    6. What was in there you had forgotten about?

    My woodland creatures, green barrel pen I got from my friend, Canyon.

    Pen Case Tag (5)

    7. What is your most used item?

    My red pen. I like to cross through my To Do’s in red because it is easier to see.

    8. Now that you have gone through your case, what will you leave out, if anything?

    I won’t be leaving anything out, but I will be trading out my big highlighters for some skinnier ones.

    9. How often do you go through your case and change things?

    Not often, usually when I can’t fit anything else in it.

    10. What are your future plans for your case? New case? New Contents? What’s on your wish list?

    I bought one of the smaller Kipling pouches at a garage sale, and I’ll he transferring everything over to the news case once the video is filmed.

    Pen Case Tag (1) Pen Case Tag (2)  Wish List? A Kipling 100 pens case

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© Cori Large 6-19-2015

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5 Responses to Pen Case Tag

  1. Miss Angie says:

    Fun! I need to find my pen case and get organized again before school starts.

  2. I love reusing other containers for new purposes. I have many “freebie” makeup pouches that have other uses now. 🙂

  3. Becki S says:

    I love my pen cases! I’m partial to using purple ink for everything.

  4. candy says:

    Pen case, I don’t have a pen case. After reading this I need to get a pen case. Just might fight a pen, pencil or highlighter when I need one.

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