March 2018 Side Hustle Stats

Tales from a Polk County Girl–blog

# of posts: 13

# of views: 1197

# of Facebook page likes:  69

Tales from a Polk County Girl–YouTube Channel

# of videos: 8

# of views: 3713

# of subscribers: 319

Knitting All the Blankets / Crafts by Cori

# of videos: 2

# of views: 86

# of subscribers: 39

# of CBC FB page likes: 84

# of Ravlery group members: 7


Amount Earned in March: $.80

Overall amount = $36.81

Wow! I’m honestly surprised to see my Adsense account increase. I thought after YouTube took away my monetization, I wouldn’t have any increase or very little of an increase. We’ll see if this holds. I wonder how things will look next month!

Other Social Media:


Crafts by Cori FB:

CBC Products ETSY shop:

Knitting All the Blankets YT:

Knitting All the Blankets Ravelry:

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