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When I originally started blogging in 2011 (OMG!!!), my initial purpose was to share my writing, poems, and book reviews. It has since morphed into planners, homesteading, finance, knitting, only with the occasional book review. I first mentioned Writing a Book in my 2nd WYWN post.

It’s never been a secret that my lifelong dream (okay, since I was 4) was to publish a book and be a famous author. Ask my mother! She kept the little construction paper books I made when I was 4. I wrote short stories, crappy poems, and “reports” until high school, when I started writing longer pieces of fiction.

During my early college years, as a way to mentally break from academia, I wrote a novella a semester. None of these have ever seen the light of day. I’m terrified to actually go back and edit them. But at the time, they were wonderful and welcome escapes, as well as a way to work through some personal stuff.

What I had been working on in 2016 and 2017:

Journaling Prompts Book>>>Ended up turning this book in three difference booklets for digital download on ETSY. They come in a 31 day, 30 day, and 28/29 day booklets.

Genealogy Pamphlet>>>this one was placed on the back burner. I’m considering digitizing my three different documents and sell them as digital downloads on ETSY as well.

Recipe Book>>>I was steadily testing my recipes and then I just stopped. No excuses or reasons why. Just stopped. I need to get myself back on a schedule for testing recipes. Maybe if I had a planner or something to keep me organized? Right? haha

Bobbin Lace Workbook>>>I’ve been working on the pattern. I have 15 more pages to go before the pattern test is complete. I could probably knock this out in a weekend. Again, just need to sit myself down and get it done.

Will Knit to Travel (The Traveling Knitter Series, Book 1)>>>It’s been submitted to a publisher. Deadline to hear back is April 17. If they aren’t interested, I’ll take another look at it and go back to my list of publishers and try again.

Those were my main writing projects for the last two years, aside from blog posts. If  you’re a regular follower of this blog and my YouTube channel, you know I have several other writing projects in the works:

2018 Yearly Writing Goals (if there’s no date next to it, I have done anything):

Will Knit to Travel (The Traveling Kniter Series, Book 1)



Write query for Kensington Press (1/17/2018)

Put together Speaking Volumes submission packet

Submit novel for publication (1/17/2018)


Finish writing the short story.

Being editing process.

Submit for publication.

Knitting on the Bayou (The Traveling Knitter Series, Book 2)



Sketch out outline.

Write character sketches.

Write first 5 chapters.

Currently Working On:

  1. “Obsession”>>>I’m soooo close to being done. I have a meeting with my Creative Writing Group on March 31 and that’s my finish goal. I want to share it with them.
  2. I’ve written a couple of poems.
  3. No progress on the Speaking Volumes submission packet.
  4. I’ve written down some potential plot bunnies that may turn into short stories for my future Patreon account (more on that coming).

Upcoming Fun-ness:

I have a whole list of short stories, novellas, and poem ideas waiting to be fluffed out. Once “Obsession” is finished, I’m going to outline two news pieces of fiction and decide from there which one I really want to work one. Idea #1: a rich widow “patronizes” unpublished writers by having them send her they manuscripts because she’s run out of things to read. Idea #2: participating in a baking competition may not have been the wisest way to spend a holiday weekend.

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