KATB ep. 25 Back to the Cotton

I’m back to knitting cotton dishcloths for craft show inventory, while sewing the squares together for Eric’s Blanket. The green and black stripes are complete! Pictures will be in the Ravlery group, link below.

Ravelry Group Link: https://www.ravelry.com/groups/knitting-all-the-blankets-podcast

Cotton Dishcloths~Bernat Lime Burst (I’m calling it Tinkerbelle Green)

2 of 6 stripes for Eric’s Blanket (the green & black ones)
12 Cotton Dishcloths~Bernat Orangesicle
1 Cotton Scrubbie~Bernat Orangesicle

Yarns Mentioned:
Bernat Orangesicle Cotton
Bernat Lime Burst Cotton (Tinkerbelle Green)
Bernat Purple Perk Cotton
Bernat Lollipop Cotton
Bernat Lemon Drop Cotton

Patterns Mentioned:
Grandma’s Favorite Washcloth

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