January 2018 Side Hustle Stats

I can’t believe a month of 2018 is over already! Check out my Side Hustle Stats for January!

Tales from a Polk County Girl–blog

# of posts: 13

# of views: 1039

# of Facebook page likes: 68

Tales from a Polk County Girl–YouTube Channel

# of videos: 7

# of views: 4208

# of subscribers: 239

Knitting All the Blankets / Crafts by Cori

# of videos: 1

# of views: 175

# of subscribers: 36

# of CBC FB page likes: 84

# of Ravlery group members: 7

Adsense Earnings

January’s Earnings: $0.51

Overall amount = $10.43

If you hadn’t heard, YouTube is demonetizing many of their smaller accounts. By February 20, 2018, if a channel does not have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours (240,000 minutes) of viewing time, that channel becomes ineligible for monetization.

This was disappointing news to learn. However, I still earn Adsense money from the ads on my blog. Since YouTube’s announcement, my subscriber count has been increasing on both channels at an average of 1 new subscriber a day. I do not expect to reach the new minimums by the 20th, and this is not a plea for everyone to go subscribe to my channels. If you’d like to support my channels by subscribing, thank you and I appreciate the support.

I will continue to make videos for both channels, growing them organically. As tempting as it was to hop on the #subforasub train, I didn’t want to gain subscribers just to up my numbers. I want to create a community and audience that is genuinely interested in what I’m sharing.

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