KATB ep. 22 Mini Skeins & Giveaway Mention

Mentioned, but not shown: Red Heart Orange and Red Heart Black squares for Eric’s Blanket.

Yarns Mentioned:
Most Sensational Minis (BCY)
Disney Villains Minis (BCY)
Sherlock Minis (BCY)
Scooby Minis (BCY)
Twin Mommy Creations Swapless Swap package

Patterns Mentioned:
Frankie Brown 10 Stitch Blanket

ETSY shops:
Twin Mommy Creations
Brew City Yarns
Happy Scrappy Life

Potential Giveaway:
As I mentioned in the video, there are 3-4 minis from my Twin Mommy Creations swapless swap that are duplicates of what I have from the “Careful I Will Defend Myself” Snake-inspired Minis. Once I reach 100 subscribers on the YouTube channel (currently at 18, not 20), I will make up a giveaway. Stay tuned!

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