Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life

Another year in the books. And with a fresh start ahead of us, I think it’s time to Spring Clean some areas of my life, specifically my digital life.

I recently decided to do away with an email address I wasn’t using anymore. Which lead me to doing the following:

  1. Going through each folder in that account to determine if content was still relevant. If the content was irrelevant, I deleted the emails.
  2. I forwarded any important or keep-for-now information to an email I was currently using.
  3. Changed my contact information on any website the old email address was on, so it was updated.
  4. Then once I shut that email down, I turned to my current email address, sorted all the forwarded mail, and repeated the process: going through each folder and deleting old and irrelevant emails, and if the folder was no longer needed, I deleted the folder.

I plan on doing this with Facebook groups, Pinterest boards I follow, and unsubscribing to unwanted emails as they come in.

It’s not only a good idea to clean up your online presence, but your overall digital presence as well. Here are some questions to ask yourself next time you have some time to go through your computer:

  1. Are there any files on your computer that you no longer need anymore?
  2. Can photos, videos, and other archival material material be moved to an external hard drive to clear up space? (I do this myself. Each year I transfer all the YouTube videos I’ve made to my external hard drive to get them off my computer.)
  3. Are there any eBooks or PDFs you read or meant to read, but no longer need?
  4. Any audiobooks, music files, movies (all legitimately downloaded of course) that you no longer want?

These are just some ways I corral the digital clutter. If you have any additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

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