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In a Coming Soon post, I discuss how Journaling and Reflection has helped me reach some goals over the years. I’ve even written and designed a few traveler’s notebook journaling inserts, with daily prompts.

We’re coming up on the end of the year, and the Passion Planner has some wonderful reflection questions to wrap things up. However, some of these questions are too general for me, so I wrote my own. I may or may not upload the files to my ETSY shop, for those who want to download them into stickers.

Monthly Reflection Questions:

1.      What is your overall feeling about this past month?   2.      Any noteworthy events?
3.      Name 3 lessons you learned this month.   4.      Writing Check In: what writing projects did you work on?
5.      Knitting Check In: what knitting/crafting projects did you work on?   6.      Side Hustle Check In: eBay, ETSY, Amazon, Craft Shows?
7.      Marriage Check In: any noteworthy things happen?   8.      Family Check In: any big family news?
9.      Work Check In: anything noteworthy happen at work this month?   10.  What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

Beginning of the Year Reflection Questions:

1.      What are you hoping to accomplish this year?   2.      What is your main writing goal for this year?
3.      What is your main knitting/crafting goal for this year?   4.      What is your reading goal for the year?
5.      Any big events coming up this year?   6.      By the end of the year, I will have accomplished _______________.

Mid-Year Reflection Questions:

1.      How has the first half of the year gone so far?   2.      How have you been feeling overall?
3.      Is there something you want to try differently in the 2nd half of the year?   4.      Have you started thinking about Christmas presents yet?
5.      What’s your #OBJ project going to be?   6.      Answer honestly, have you been taking care of yourself?

End of Year Reflection Questions:

1.      What is your overall feeling about this past year?   2.      Do you feel any different than you did at the beginning of the year? (If you can remember that far back.)
3.      List the top 5 highlights of the year.   4.      What are your top 5 accomplishments of the year?
5.      What are you looking forward to in the coming year?   6.      Did you accomplish what you wrote in Question 6 of the Beginning of the Year questions?

I also have 12 Mental Health Check In stickers for when I need to mental check up. I may use these as mid-month check ins.

Journaling and Reflecting is important. It helps you grow as a person and keep you moving towards your goals.

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