Reasons for Changing Planner Systems

Reasons for leaving & changing various planner systems:

Day-Timer Desk size Verona 3 ring zipper: rings were too small for what I needed to carry with me.

Day-Timer Folio size Verona 7 ring zipper: 7 rings was ridiculous to deal with. It should have been a standard 3 ring set up. The punch was ridiculous expensive as well.

Franklin Covey Classic size Sierra 7 ring zipper: I wanted to try other planner set ups. I do miss this one sometimes. The rings were HUGE! I carried the world in that book.

Regular size Flex Binder: I was playing around and experimenting. Stopped using it when I found the Mead OrganizHer Shopping Companion (aka Mini Flex).

Mead OrganizHer Shopping Companion aka  the Mini Flex: decided to use as a refillable notebook.

Various bullet journal notebooks: I filled them up.

Day-Timer Portable size Malibu in Rose Gold: Like I said in the narrative, I was pressured into trying Traveler’s Notebooks. I really loved this planner. I love the color, and still drool over it. I used this planner for 7 months straight, considering the journey I’ve been on this is Amazing!

ZLYC Standard size Traveler’s Notebook: I received a bigger standard/narrow traveler’s notebook (the CS Maverick) and it could hold more inserts.

Chic Sparrow Narrow Maverick: Used mainly for #onebookJuly2016, but it was sooooo heavy!

Foxy Fix Marina: Decided to give the Passion Planner a go to see if it really would help me with my goals.

Passion Planner Classic size: Too big and bulky to carry around with me. It stays at home.

Passion Planner Compact size: It was an experiment to see if I could have used this size. I could made it work, but I like the wider columns of the Franklin Covey vertical WO2P more.

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