Planner Usage Timeline

Planner Usage Timeline:

2006-2012: Day-Timer Desk size Verona 3 ring zipper planner

2013-2014: Day-Timer Folio size Verona 7 ring zipper planner

2014: Franklin Covey Classic size Sierra 7 ring zipper planner

2015: Franklin Covey Classic size Sierra 7 ring zipper planner

           Regular size Flex Binder with self-designed inserts

           Experimenting on and off with various Bullet Journal notebooks

           Day-Timer Portable size Malibu in Rose Gold (drool)

2016: Day-Timer Portable size Malibu in Rose Gold

           ZLYC Standard traveler’s notebook

           Chic Sparrow Narrow Maverick traveler’s notebook

            Foxy Fix Marina B6 traveler’s notebook

2017: Passion Planner Classic size in Flex Binder

           Customized Franklin Covey Blooms WO2P inserts in Monster Flex

            Experimented with Passion Planner Compact pages during September

Various Links: 

DayTimer website

Franklin Covey website

Mead Flex Binder website

Bullet Journal website

ZLYC Amazon link

Chic Sparrow website

Foxy Fix website

Passion Planner website

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