#onebookJuly 2017 2.0>>>eBay Project

Last year I did #onebookJuly 1.0, which was the original challenge: 1 book, 1 pen, 1 month. The creators also issued a new challenge last year, version 2.0, which is 1 project, 1 book, 1 month. This year, they have created another new challenge: version 3.0 Go Big or Go Home. I’ll link the informational videos below my video.

This year I’ll be doing version 2.0, the Project challenge. In my video below, I explain what I’ll be working on this month.

For more information on #onebookJuly, please see the following links from the creators:

Rhomany’s 2017 video

Carie’s 2017 video

Miss Vicky Bee’s video

Da Rules video

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One Response to #onebookJuly 2017 2.0>>>eBay Project

  1. candy says:

    Now that you have some stuff written up get you 20 free postings up and running. Next do 20 more for August coming. Start with the Disney stuff. Interested to see how fast it sells.

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