Ep. 11 Cotton Clearance Find

Welcome to Episode 11: Cotton Clearance Find! In this podcast video, I show off progress on my 10 stitch blankets AND the wonder clearance find I came across!

Now, I’ve come across cotton yarn when it’s been on clearance at Walmart before. However, I’m usually late to the game and other knitters have gotten most of the yarn before I get there.

So I usually end up with 5-6 balls of cotton. Not this time!

I ended up getting 17 balls myself, and when I told a friend I’d used a gift card she’d given me to pay for most of it, she said she’d keep an eye out at her Walmart. She found me 5 more balls!

22 balls of cotton! WHOO!

10 Balls ~ Peaches & Cream Fruit Explosion (it’s the exact same colorway as the Bernat Fruit Explosion)

5 Balls ~ Peaches & Cream Bright Chartreuse (Same at the Bernat Bright Green [not Key Lime])

4 Balls ~ Peaches & Cream Ahoy Ombre (Same as the Sugar & Creme colorway I have on a cone)

2 Balls ~ Peaches & Cream Candy Sprinkles

1 Ball ~ Fruit Punch

All of the colors I have in balls as well as cones or skeins I will be adding them all together eventually when I work on them. And since I’m currently working on the Bernat Fruit Explosion, if I can, I will be adding it in once I’m finished with the coned up yarn.

It’s starting to get crazy how much cotton I’m finding on clearance recently, since I’m not buying any cotton that’s not on clearance.

10 Stitch Blankets

Not much progress on the Mini Skein 10 Stitch Blanket. I’m still on the red Bon Bon. I have worked out what the next 4 Bon Bon order will be: Black, Yellow, Lilac, and Teal.

On the Scrappy 10 Stitch Wrap, I have turned the first corner, and put on 60 rows this week. That 60 includes the 34 rows that it takes to knit a mitered corner.

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2 Responses to Ep. 11 Cotton Clearance Find

  1. Candy says:

    22 balls is a lot of yarn. That should keep you busy for awhile. Plus on sale. Win win.

  2. Carole Endicott says:

    Great Deal!

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