WYWN: Writing a Book

The second post in my version of Carie Harling’s “What’s Your Why Not” series is about writing a book.

The notebook my latest book was outlined and written in.

I’ve wanted to be a writer and publish a book since I was four years old. I made dozens of little construction paper books about monsters and whatever. Publishing a book had literally been a life long dream.

This post is about writing a book. I hate to say this, but for me, writing the book is the easy part. Editing the book and getting it ready for publication is the hard part. I’ve written a dozen books or so, but only the latest one am I actively editing and working towards publication on.

I’ve always been drawn to writing. I would have notebooks on my desk during school, where I would work on a story or a poem, during class. (I was an A-B student, and could answer the questions when called on by the way.)

I write fiction 90% of the time. My novel writing really took off when I started college. I would spend the time between classes in the library writing. I was also writing two novels at a time: Monday-Wednesday classes had one book, and Tuesday-Thursday classes had another.

This allowed me to write on average a book a semester, and then I would type it up. I write my novels longhand and then type them up. Yes, I know it would save time to just write on the computer, BUT that’s not the way my brain works.

Because of writing longhand, I now have a lovely collection of notebooks, of various sizes and designs, with my original works in them. I take pride in those notebooks.

Story Notebooks pt. 1

Story Notebooks pt. 2

So after that tangent, what’s my why not when it comes to writing a book? I’m compelled to. I have a story in my head that must be told.

What’s Your Why Not?

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2 Responses to WYWN: Writing a Book

  1. Liz says:

    THATs what life is about, doing things that push us out of our comfort zone while simultaneously making us happy and driven! Good luck !

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