Chic Sparrow Dr. Jones B6 Regular!!!

I was fortunate enough to get a hold of 1 of 5 Dr. Jones B6 Regular traveler’s notebooks!!!

When I first heard about the Dr. Jones leather back in the November newsletter from Chic Sparrow, I knew this would be my last traveler’s notebook. I was content with my Foxy Fix Mariana in the B6 size, and didn’t really want to get another TN just to have another B6 size.

I love Indiana Jones and the idea that this TN was inspired by him…yeah, it was going to be mine. My husband planned on it being a Christmas gift, but sadly it wasn’t available for sale in time.

By the time, the Dr. Jones leather was going to be released by Chic Sparrow, they had readjusted the sizing so that it would only be available in the B6 Slim. This was devastating news to me, since going down to the slim just wasn’t worth it to me. I would have been losing an inch off my inserts.

Then the lovely Ruth, from Chic Sparrow, posted on their Facebook page, that they had 5 Dr. Jones B6 Regulars available. She gave some instructions, and I was able to snag one!!!

 Isn’t he handsome?

Pocket can hold a Samsung Galaxy 6 and 7

He’s become my EDC (everyday carry) and the Marina is being given a break right now. He smells delicious and the leather has such a lovely texture. There is not pen loop, it wasn’t even an option. The outside pocket is nice. I like that pocket style better than the interior pockets, but that’s just me.

I’m not really sure why the B6 Slim became preferred over the B6 Regular. In my opinion, the Regular size is stable and could work.

Now to go play with it and set it up!

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