Passion Planner Monthly Reflection

Now that it’s February, I can show how I completed my first set of Monthly Reflection questions in my Passion Planner.

This is my first time filling in the new reflection questions. I have a print off somewhere of the original 10 from the first model of the Passion Planner. Before using the Passion Planner, I used to use the original 10 questions in my journal to reflect with. Those entries usually filled a half dozen pages in my journal.

Anyways! For fun, I filled in the questions with bright colors, since January was so dreary. In some of the Passion Planner Facebook groups, a couple of people said they fill in the questions weekly, since reflecting over the whole month can be daunting sometimes. I like this idea. I’m going to start doing that this month. I felt like I was forgetting things when I was filling in the January Reflection Questions.

The End of the Month checklist is throwing me off a little bit. I’m not understanding the Gamechanger idea in this planner. I think I need to consult the Maker and some of the Facebook groups. If anyone else uses a Passion Planner and you’re reading this, please leave some advice in the comments.

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