My Everything Binder

My Everything Binder is exactly what it sounds like. This binder holds a lot of important projects. This is not my House Binder or my Finance Binder, however. This Flex binder (surprise, surprise) contains six dividers thus creating six sections.

1st Section:

Divider: a pocket divider

This section is kind of a catchall, but mostly used for working on my monthly targets for my goals, writing out recipes, writing out blog posts, and blank paper to write on.

2nd Section:

Divider: pocket divider

This is my Writing Section. Notice the capital W and S. I’ve filled up the notebook I’ve been writing my current novel in, but the story isn’t over. So I’ve continued the novel on notebook paper. This section also has several lists of “Other Ways to Say” writing aids.

3rd Section:

Divider: pocket divider

This is the Passion Planner (PP) section! I’m still playing around with my PP and setting it up. I have a separate video showing my set up so far. Also, more videos on this section are in the works.

4th Section:

Divider: page protector style

This is a small section where I put random things I’ve written down, i.e. Project Bag theme and Blick Mead notes from my trip to England.

5th Section:

Divider: page protector style

This section has my receipt for buying Alton Brown: Eat Your Science LIVE tickets in April. Nothing else in this section at the moment.

6th Section:

Divider: page protector style

And this section is empty. I don’t know if I’ll put anything back here or if this divider will act as a protector of papers in Section 5.

This binder goes with me from home to work. I work on blog posts and writing recipes when I’m on my lunch break, and the Passion Planner keeps me on track.

© Cori Large 9 January 2017

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