COMPLETED!!! Frankie Brown Camouflage Blanket

To recap, I first wrote about the Frankie Brown Camouflage 10 Stitch Blanket in this blog post. If you haven’t read that post, I suggest you stop and go read it before continuing. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Done? Okay, I put the FB camo blanket down for the first-time June 2015 to focus on creating craft show inventory at the time. I did pick it back up briefly in September 2016, only to put it down again after a few rows to go back to creating craft show inventory.

Only once the 2016 craft show season was over, did this blanket become my sole focus and main project (11/11/2016). I was in the middle of Magic Yarn Ball #8-B.

Magic Yarn Ball #8-B

Ball Completed: 11/11/2016.

Measurements: 41 inches long x 45 inches wide.

Magic Yarn Ball #9

King Size Bed for reference

Ball Started: 11/12/2016.

Ball Completed:11/24/2016.

Measurements: 42 inches long x 46 inches wide.

Magic Yarn Ball #10

Queen Size Bed for reference.

Ball Started: 11/24/2016.

Ball Completed: 12/8/2016.

Measurements: 43 ½ inches long x 47 inches wide.

Magic Yarn Ball #11

King Size Bed for reference.

Ball Started: 12/8/2016.

Ball Completed: 12/14/2016.

Measurements: 45 ½ inches long x 48 inches wide.

Magic Yarn Ball #12

Queen Size bed for reference.

Ball Started: 12/14/2016.

Ball Completed: 12/25/2016.

Measurements: 47 ½ inches long x 51 ½ inches wide.

Now, I should tell you that I had a self-determined goal to finish this blanket by Christmas Day. Alas, I did not. Magic Yarn Ball #13 was tied on Christmas Day, but it wasn’t until the next day that I finished this blanket. Being a day late in finishing wasn’t such a big deal.

Magic Yarn Ball #13

My husband is holding the blanket, and he’s 6’4″.

Ball Started: 12/25/2016.

Ball Completed: 12/26/2016.

Measurements: 52 inches long x 52 inches wide!!!

I literally knit all day December 26, in order to finish that blanket. This blanket was a great learning experience in terms of learning mitered corners and using progress keepers. I’m giving my hands and wrists a rest before the New Year starts and I’m off creating craft show inventory once again.

If you’d like to knit this blanket, the pattern can be found on

© Cori Large 11/11-12/26/2016

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6 Responses to COMPLETED!!! Frankie Brown Camouflage Blanket

  1. Loretta says:

    Congrats on a lovely project finish 🙂

  2. candy says:

    It turned out really great. Loving all the different shades of green. This is something my husband would use (manly). You really get the idea of how big it is when you see your husband holding it and knowing he is 6’4.

  3. Jay Colby says:

    Your project looks amazing. You really have a special talent for creating!

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