Monthly Check In Oct 2016


  1. Reading…100 Million Years of Food: what our ancestors ate and why it matters today by Stephen Le
  2. Listening to…The Knitting Broomstick podcast on YouTube.
  3. Eating…Gyros for dinners
  4. Drinking…Lemon & Ginger Tea
  5. Thinking…stuff…
  6. Fun Picture:


This picture was taken at the McGuire’s Vintage Tea Room in Amesbury, England. I have this china pattern. This is the coffee pot that goes with my set. The tea room also had the standard tea pot (which I have), the smaller single serving tea pot, the sugar bowl, soup plate, and dinner plate (I also have this one). If I could have figured out how to get them back here without them breaking, I would have tried to purchase them from the tea room.  I was extremely ecstatic to see this!

How’s everyone else doing mid-month? Feel free to copy and paste this check-in list into your blog!

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18 Responses to Monthly Check In Oct 2016

  1. Lemon and ginger tea sounds good, maybe I”ll make some right now. The book sounds fascinating, too.

  2. Candy says:

    I Must look for that book sounds like something I would enjoy. Tea is my go to at night. Hallmark movies are a favorite.

  3. CE says:

    When is tea time?

  4. Courtney says:

    Gyros are one of my favourite foods!

    La Belle Sirene 

  5. Valerie says:

    I’d love a glass of hot tea right now. Sounds like you are enjoying your down time.

  6. Jay Colby says:

    Love tea especially sweet tea since I was a kid!

  7. Liz Mays says:

    My son has been telling me to listen to podcasts when I’m driving. I need to do it! That tea you’re sipping on sounds fabulous!

    • caendicott says:

      I’d love to listen to some as well, but I don’t like the hassle of downloading them onto my phone. I’m lazy.

  8. GiGi Eats says:

    GYRO FOR DINNERS FOR THE WIN! Seriously! I am going to have GYRO ALL DAY tomorrow! LOL!

  9. Elisabeth Wallace - The Abstract Life says:

    Nice! I’m reading Lean In and loving it. Also, ginger is a favorite tea flavor of mine!

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