New Journal Set Up

 So after some careful consideration and journaling about my feelings, I decided to go back to how I used to journal: filling up notebooks with personal diary entries, fiction/nonfiction pieces, book reviews, decorations and the like.

I have so many blank journals that I cannot wait to use, and I feel this is one way to fill them up quickly. I’ve been using this particular diary for just over a year, and have 62 pages left to fill.

To keep track of what’s in each journal, I’ll be putting Index pages at the back. I start on the very last page and move toward the front of the book. I’m also trying to fill up any half-started journals too.

New Journal Set up (1)

New Journal Set up (2)

New Journal Set up (3a)

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6 Responses to New Journal Set Up

  1. Sara says:

    I’ve been trying to get in the habit of using journals to keep these same lists all in one place – but I never seem to have it with me at the right time. You’re making me want to resolve to do better at all of it!!

    • caendicott says:

      Find a way to make it fun. I use different color pens when I write in mine, as well as the washi tape and stickers. I’ve also made it a point to try to write every couple of days. I have a set of reflective journal prompts that help me create a personal history as well as learn more about myself. If you’re interested in them, I could share them with you.

  2. That looks useful. I dont keep a written physical journal but this would be good for other notes

  3. Pamela says:

    Excellent idea! I love reading about journaling. I’m quite addicted to it. This year I have been using Vera Bradley notebooks for a fun change.

  4. I see my blog as a kind of journal. My dad used to write in tiny little print and fill in all of the daily squares on his calendar.

  5. Irion says:

    I love journals..mostly just love buying them since it’s very seldom that I ever fill them up. Writing is so therapeutic.

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