Monthly Check In-September 2016


  1. Reading…Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell20160913_084329
  2. FINALLY got the website back up and running after it being down for a week.
  3. Journaling Booklet is out! Everything can be put to bed now.
  4. Making progress on a new fiction series I’m writing. Working on Chapter 8 of 15.20160913_08434320160913_08434920160913_084357
  5. Decorated my house for Fall / Autumn!












20160913_084658 20160913_084708

How’s everyone else doing mid-month? Feel free to copy and paste this check-in list into your blog.

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17 Responses to Monthly Check In-September 2016

  1. Your home looks beautiful! I’ll have to check out Fangirl 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    Aw your decor looks so cute and festive! 🙂

  3. Lauren says:

    YES to fall decorations! Looking great.

  4. candy says:

    Love your fall decorations and glad your back up and running.

  5. Dana says:

    You’ve gotten so much done and it’s only mid-month! I too have a variety of things I can finally check off the list but still have some major projects to complete in the next week. May we all finish what truly needs to get done, right?

  6. I love your fall decor! I don’t know how you find time to read and keep the blog going and write and decorate and everything! Wow.

  7. Your décor is wonderful. I love the little leaf dishes

  8. I’d love to hear more about FanGirl and your fiction writing. Happy writing.

  9. Angie Scheie says:

    You’ve been busy! I love decorating for fall but we’ve just moved and it’s hard enough just unpacking! I’m looking forward to hearing more about our fiction writing! That’s on my bucket list.

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