Resetting the Traveler’s Notebooks for August

Alright, people, #onebookJuly2016 is over and I get to play with all of my traveler’s notebooks again! I’ve reset and reorganized them since I have a new one (Foxy Fix LP#5).

From smallest to largest:


ZLYC Passport: story ideas insert, brain dump insert, and temporary lists insert.


Fabric Dori: gardening insert, homesteading insert, and book notes insert.


Foxy Fix Marina Le Petit #5: empty notebook, The Master To Do List, and Projects insert.

20160821_150530 20160821_150538


ZLYC Narrow: Yellow Paper House’s 2016 Monthly booklet, kraft folder, 31 day journaling booklet, and a daily notebook for my daily set ups.


Chic Sparrow Maverick: Collections #1, Collections #2, Knitting Notes, blank notebook, and Blogging notebook.

The wonderful things about TNs is that I can change things out and around on a whim, a lot easier than when I was in rings.

I carry the ZLYC passport and narrow with me. The Foxy Fix may come with me occasionally, but it depends on the day. And the Fabric Dori and the Maverick stay at home.

YouTube link:

What’s everyone else using to stay organized?

© Cori Large 6 August 2016

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9 Responses to Resetting the Traveler’s Notebooks for August

  1. candy says:

    I want to start a gardening and farm notebook. You have inspired me.

  2. Valerie says:

    I still say I’d never heard of these. So cool. I’m going to start using one when I travel.

    • caendicott says:

      A traveler’s notebook is just a piece of leather with elastics that allows you to carry around different notebooks for various purposes. Started in Japan.

  3. I really like the inserts. I don’t know how you’ll feel about my answer to your question cause I know you’re a pen and paper girl but I have fallen in love with the todoist app. I still have my little black book planner but todoist helps me with so much more.

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  5. All of these notebooks are so pretty! I’m trying to do a travel book, but it’s been hard – I find myself gravitating to my laptop!

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