Goal Updates June 2016

No video to accompany this post this month you guys. Sorry! Memorial Day weekend got away from me and I didn’t have time to get one filmed.


May’s Goals

  1. Journal Prompt Book:
    1. Work on new format>>>>Completed 5/2/2016
  2. Bobbin Lace Bookmark Workbook:
    1. Reset for new bookmark>>>>FAILED
  3. Recipe Book:
    1. Write out 5 recipes>>>>Completed 5/11/2016
  4. Genealogy Workbook:
    1. Write out “Why the male line is first?”>>>>Completed 5/28/2016
  5. eBay:
    1. Clean up eBay computer file>>>>Completed 5/12/2016
  6. ETSY:
    1. List MF ½ hr. w/ TD list insert>>>>OOOPS! I actually did do this in April! But I didn’t mark it complete!
      1. Watermark>>>done
      2. Screenshot>>>done
    2. List Months’ worth of Dailies w/ TD list insert>>>>Completed 5/17/2016
      1. Watermark>>>done
      2. Screenshot>>>done
    3. Update price list>>>>Completed 5/17/2016
  7. Amazon:
    1. Remove paperbacks from inventory>>>>Completed 5/5/2016
  8. Craft Show Inventory:
    1. Bernat Baby Plum Chutney baby blanket>>>>Personal project was worked on instead.
  9. YouTube Channel:
    1. Film 5 videos:>>>>Completed!
    2. Goals Update 2016-5
    3. ZLYC Narrow TN set up May 2016
    4. Maverick 2016-5 set up
    5. DIY Fauxdori’s
    6. TN insert haul May 2016
  10. Blog:
    1. Write 5 blog posts:>>>>Completed!
    2. ZLYC Narrow TN set up May 2016
    3. Goals Update 2016-5
    4. CSL: Nutritional Anthropology
    5. May 2016 Meat Haul
    6. DIY Fauxdori’s
    7. Insert Haul May 2016
    8. Maverick 2016-5 set up
    9. Goals Update 2016-6

See y’all next month!

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32 Responses to Goal Updates June 2016

  1. I sounds like you had a productive month! I’m a middle school teacher and this is my first week out of school. I’m hoping to be just a productive in June!

  2. GiGi Eats says:

    Yay for filming YouTube videos!!! 🙂

  3. Looks like you crushed it in May! What is the name of your etsy store? Also good luck in June.

  4. Paola says:

    Well done, sounds like you were quite successful with your goals!

  5. Klauss says:

    Great job! Please tell me, if not a secret, how many page views in May?

  6. You have had a lot of goals and it looks like you did a fantastic job at achieving them. It’s always nice to look back and see how far we’ve come.

  7. candy says:

    You have some awesome goals and I know this will help you reach the stars.

  8. Hannah says:

    This is a brilliant idea!
    I really struggle to sticking to my goals at times and doing something like this would definitely help me to more rigid with them. Also, props to you for putting it on there on the web and getting it done!

  9. Emily says:

    You always get so much done!!! Love reading these and getting inspired 🙂

  10. Love seeing people’s goal! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Cat says:

    Having your goals public is so great for accountability!

  12. That was definitely a productive month for you. I hope to do some Youtube videos this month too.

  13. Amber Starr says:

    You killed it this May!

  14. Roxy says:

    Looks like you had an incredibly productive month! Way to go on getting so many goals accomplished!

  15. WOW! You’re doing fantastic! My goal setting has slipped a bit since getting preggo – hopefully I can get that back!

  16. Ayesha Heart says:

    Congrats! Keep it up and more accomplishments this year 🙂

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