Traveler’s Notebook Insert Sizes & Options

I haven’t been using a Traveler’s Notebook (TN) for that long, and there’s a lot to this section of the planner world, especially when it comes to the sizes of TNs. I’ll be giving an overview of the different TN sizes and some of the inserts options I’ve found.

***TN inserts size measurements come from the Chic Sparrow website. This is not an endorsement of Chic Sparrow nor is it a sponsored post. Just using this website as an information source.***

  1. Field Notes / Pocket Size
    1. Inches: 3.5 x 5.5
    2. Centimeters: 8.9 x 14
  2. Personal Size
    1. Inches: 3.75 x 6.5
    2. Centimeters: 9.5 x 16.5
  3. A6 Size
    1. Inches: 4 x 6
    2. Centimeters: 10.2 x 15.2
  4. Narrow / Standard Size
    1. Inches: 8.25 x 4.25 or 4.33 (I’ve seen some variation in my research.)
    2. Centimeters: 21 x 10.8/11
  5. Wide Size
    1. Inches: 8.25 x 5.125
    2. Centimeters: 21 x 13
  6. Extra Wide Size
    1. Inches: 8.25 x 5.5
    2. Centimeters: 21 x 14
  7. A5 Size
    1. Inches: 8.25 x 5.8
    2. Centimeters: 21 x 14.7

There are lots of options for inserts online. Various ETSY shops that offer digital downloads or print & ship. Chic Sparrow does have its own line of inserts. Ray Blake ( offers free inserts you can download and print yourself or have him print them for you (check the cost on that). Amazon also sells the Midori inserts.

Once you know what size you want, you can also design and cut out your own inserts. This may take some practice and experimentation, but it is doable. I’ve designed a multitude of inserts for my own use, both for TNs and ringed planners.

Certain stores do carry the Piccadilly and Moleskine brand notebooks, in a variety of sizes, which was you use as it or cut them down.

I like to check my local stores for other types of notebooks that may fit the TNs I have. For me, I can use just about anything. I would also like to bring your attention to two notebooks that you may not have considered before.

Mini Composition Book

mini comp book walmart

Photo snipped from

Size: 3” x 5” or 7.6 cm x 12.7 cm

Fits: Field Notes / Pocket Size

Ruled paper; 80 sheets; 160 pages

I found them at Walmart in a 3 pack, with different color covers.

Durably Poly Cover Composition Book

mini comp book DG

Photo snipped from

Size: 5” x 7” or 12.7 cm x 17.8 cm

Ruled paper; 90 sheets; 180 pages

Fits: Nothing perfectly really. It can be cut down to fit into an A6 or Narrow / Standard size. I’ve done that with mine, to fit my Narrow. I also trimmed the plastic cover off since this was going to be a disposable notebook anyways.

I found them at both Walmart and Dollar General.

Most TN users keep an eye out for other types of notebooks that are adaptable for a TN. These are two cheap suggestions, especially if you’re looking for disposable notebooks for shopping lists.

© Cori Large March 24, 2016

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37 Responses to Traveler’s Notebook Insert Sizes & Options

  1. I just used that mini composition book on our trip to Portugal! I love taking notes while I travel but I don’t want to use my phone or take up a lot of space.

  2. candy says:

    I have a friend who has kept a travel journal for years. Something I really need to look into. Hers is awesome.

  3. Kelsie says:

    Looks super helpful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Emily says:

    Awesome info!! Thanks girl 🙂

  5. Klauss says:

    Personally, I liked these notebooks. Modern look and inexpensively 🙂

  6. Never thought about having a travel notebook before, that would be a great way to write down special moments so I have them for my scrapbook and to plan!

  7. carol says:

    Thank you for this great information on TNs. Lots of helpful references. I’m always looking for that perfect-sized notebook.

  8. I have to get writing materials in my bag because I never know when I need to take notes or an idea will strick and sometimes using my phone isn’t the best option. I love the little compensation notebooks

  9. Shelly says:

    I love little notebooks to write things down during the day. They’re also great for blog inspiration!!

  10. angie Scheie says:

    Great idea on checking Etsy for inserts. It’s amazing how many different ones are out there!

  11. Oh these look so cool! Never used one of these notebooks but I love smaller notebooks I can carry and use on the go.

  12. Steve says:

    There is also ‘Passport Size’ for notebooks that are 8.9×12.4cm although I am not sure who makes inserts this size, I prefer Field Notes/Pocket size myself

  13. Jessica says:

    Thanks for these tips – I really want to get my husband a TN for Father’s Day. Now I know more of what to look for!

  14. Paola says:

    My husband has a collection of those… it is quite disturbing actually hahahahah

  15. Amber Starr says:

    I have a friend that would love this!

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  17. Liz Mays says:

    I never thought to cut those two down, but they would be affordable. I should do that!

    • caendicott says:

      I honestly never thought about it either until I saw a bunch of YouTube videos where they do it.

  18. DANI CC says:

    WE keep theses on our nightstands. SO easy to jot down an idea.

  19. I have little notebooks like this too. Whenever I get a little snippet of an idea of what to write i write it down in my notebook. 🙂

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