Resetting the Traveler’s Notebooks for August

Alright, people, #onebookJuly2016 is over and I get to play with all of my traveler’s notebooks again! I’ve reset and reorganized them since I have a new one (Foxy Fix LP#5).

From smallest to largest:


ZLYC Passport: story ideas insert, brain dump insert, and temporary lists insert.


Fabric Dori: gardening insert, homesteading insert, and book notes insert.


Foxy Fix Marina Le Petit #5: empty notebook, The Master To Do List, and Projects insert.

20160821_150530 20160821_150538


ZLYC Narrow: Yellow Paper House’s 2016 Monthly booklet, kraft folder, 31 day journaling booklet, and a daily notebook for my daily set ups.


Chic Sparrow Maverick: Collections #1, Collections #2, Knitting Notes, blank notebook, and Blogging notebook.

The wonderful things about TNs is that I can change things out and around on a whim, a lot easier than when I was in rings.

I carry the ZLYC passport and narrow with me. The Foxy Fix may come with me occasionally, but it depends on the day. And the Fabric Dori and the Maverick stay at home.

YouTube link:

What’s everyone else using to stay organized?

© Cori Large 6 August 2016

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Foxy Fix Marina LP 5 Unboxing


I know what some of you are thinking. Really, Cori? Another notebook/planner? YES! Because one of the thing that was bugging me about the whole traveler’s notebook thing, was the lack of A6, Personal, and Narrow/Standard size notebooks available for cheap at local stores, such as Wal-Mart and the various dollar store chains. Yes, I’ve found lots of bigger notebooks (Wide, Extra Wide, A5) and smaller notebooks (passport, field notes, and pocket), but the main size of notebook I kept coming across was 5″ x 7″ or the B6 size. Thus my journey through the traveler’s notebook makers (Chic Sparrow, Foxy Fix, and others) started in a search for this size.

Through some trial and error, I discovered that Foxy Fix offers a Traveler’s Notebook in the B6 equivalent size. This size holds 7” x 5” notebooks, which for me, are really easy and cheap to obtain. (A major TN plus, IMO.) The color of the Marina TN is what drew me in, in the first place. And when I figured out the Le Petit #5 (abbrev. LP 5) is the equivalent of a B6 I just had to get one.




This TN showed up in the middle of #onebookJuly2016, and I of course opened it, but I didn’t play with it until August 2nd. It has no pockets or pen loop, which is an adjustment. The pockets not so much, but I have no idea how I’m going to attach a pen loop to this thing. Maybe I’ll buy a Midori pen loop.


Having a new traveler’s notebook to play with made #onebookJuly2016 even harder! Please stay tuned for Resetting the TNs post, where I show how I’ve set up my new traveler’s notebook!

YouTube video link:

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B6 #3

© Cori Large 6 August 2016

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Travel Flex Binder

Mel's Travel Flex (2)

Mel's Travel Flex (1)

The pink pencil case was made for Mel, but the while flex is mine. Her’s was blue.

I forgot to take a picture of it.

When a friend of mine was going to Greece for work, she told me she needed a notebook to take with her. Preferably something compact.

Since I’m a huge fan of the mini flex binders, I suggested one of those. Unfortunately, the mini flex wasn’t compact enough. I had recently scored a clearance deal on the regular size flex binders because the covers had been damaged.

The most damaged one became my guinea pig. I punched a few pages from one of those refrigerator notepads and used that paper as my template.

Using my paper cutter, I trimmed the plastic covers down and used my All-Purpose shears to cut through the ring mechanism. Once all the cutting was done, I punched more paper to fill it up.

I sent Mel some pictures, and asked her was color she wanted. She wasn’t getting my prototype white one!

I made her a blue one and she also asked me to find a pencil case to fit on the rings. A two-ring case didn’t exist. So I found a cheap one that I could put those metal rings into and make it into a ringed case.

Here’s what she had to say about using it:

It came in handy while traveling for work, and making notes about various tourist attractions and hotels that were available.

The pencil case not only held her pens and sticky notes, but she was able to put all the business cards she received in there so she wouldn’t lose them.

One issue she had, and Mel emphasized that it wasn’t anything I did, was the sticky notes she brought were almost too big for the pencil case. She said she should have checked that before the trip.

I (Cori) will be travelling in the fall and plan on taking a mini flex with me for notetaking and general writing.

© Cori Large March 17, 2016

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