Foxy Fix Marina Set Up–Oct 2016

My current EDC (Everyday Carry) traveler’s notebook is the Foxy Fix Marina Le Petit #5, the B6 size. I am loving this size! I moved in right after #onebookJuly2016 was over. I’ve been playing around with different inserts. I have no formal inserts in there right now, and by formal inserts I mean notebooks that are pre-formatted.



I’m mainly using blank cheap notebooks and drawing in and setting up the weeks and days however I need them. I’m mainly using the CaseMate thin inserts (featured in this post[link post]) and some of the cheap small composition books from the Cheap B6 Insert Score post [hyperlink that].

Let’s take a look inside:

Jane Lau Dashboard and Folder


Teal Composition Book

This insert is supposed to be for writing and tracking blog post and BPIs (blog post ideas). I even hole-punched it, thinking that would make it easier to archive. Eh…for writing the blog posts, it’s not really working. I may just use it for to keep track of ideas and the progress charts.


Purple CaseMate notebook, with Shiny Fall Leaves

This is where I draw up my dailies, weeklies, and do my journaling. Each day is separate by stickers or washi tape.


The purple insert is the second one. The first one I was playing around with is below. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing, so this insert is very experimental.



Blue Small Composition Book

This notebook is a throw-away one, whether it’s a quick note to be migrated at a later date or a rough weekly or monthly layout sketch. Nothing in this notebook is archive worthy.



Starting in January 2017, I will be using Yellow Paper House’s quarterly booklets, monthly and weekly set up. I took advantage of their 2017 bundle sale.

I also bought a Midori pen loop. That sucker was not easy to get onto the leather! And depending on what pen I’m using that day, the pen clip on the pen may or may not fit in the pen loop.


YouTube video link:

So that’s my current set up. Much like the first two months of using the ZLYC narrow traveler’s notebook, I can’t believe how time has just flown while using this size.

© Cori Large 7 October 2016

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Planner Appeal

I always knew that my ideal planner set up would involve a monthly calendar and a To Do pad or notebook. I’ve used this set up in some way my whole life. Wall calendar and notepad was my go to until I was in high school. At which time, my mother bought me my first official planner. (I recently refound this binder, and it will have its own post.)



Throughout every containment unit, whatever iteration of planner I’ve been using, or even combination of systems I’m using at the time two things remained constant: I needed a calendar to see how busy I was, and a To Do area to jot down whatever popped into my head.

I don’t know if anyone remembers the old Lisa Frank planners (not the ringed, zippered organizer). The tri-fold, with a calculator, memo pad, notebook, and calendar. I’m pretty sure I had this when I was younger.


Lisa Frank Planner, photo taken from ETSY.


Lisa Frank Organizer, photo taken from ETSY.

And while the rings were great for moving things around, I have found planner peace with traveler’s notebooks. There is something very satisfying about filling up a notebook until of replacing individual pages. A traveler’s notebook gives me a nice nostalgic feeling.

So at the end of the day, Calendar + To Do list = keeping Cori organized (or at least gives that impression!)


Purple notebook = planner

Blue notebook = to do list / brain dump

© Cori Large 11 Sept 2016

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Custom Coupon Binder

Regular readers know of my Flex Binder obsession. I was completely over the moon when I found the Mead OrganizHer Shopping Companion. I’ve used them in various other fashions, but never as its intended use: a Shopping Companion. I’ve finally started using it as a Custom Coupon Binder.

The initial set up of a Mead OrganizHer Shopping Companion is: 2 tabbed dividers (Shopping List & Coupons), three additional pocket dividers behind the coupon divider, password logs, shopping lists, a zippered pouch, and a business holder.

How I’ve set mine up:

*business card holder

*notebook paper



*cut down baseball card holder sheets

How I cut down the baseball card sheets:

*The baseball card holder sheets are 3 x 3. Each sheet holds 9 cards.

*I trim off the bottom row and the third vertical column.



*This takes it down from 9 pockets to 4.

Yes, this seem like a waste, but I am no longer an extreme couponer. My husband and I came to the conclusion that the extreme couponing we used to do was no longer worth our time. We were also buying a lot of stuff that we didn’t need to. And if you’re familiar with coupons at all, they’re mainly for processed foods and cleaners. My digestive track doesn’t react well with heavily processed foods (sorry, if TMI). Our new strategy: we have a $300 a month grocery budget and I only cut coupons for items I know we use or will use.

Here are some pictures of what my coupons look in their pouches.

There is no system of organization to them. I used to divide by category, then I tried by expiration date…yeah, I’d done with all that.

YouTube video link:

If you coupon, how do you organize your coupons?

© Cori Large 25 Sept 2016

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