September 2016 Blog Links

The last couple of months, my blog links posts have been shorter than usual. I think this one will make up for all that! Happy reading!

Blog Links

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Frozen Potato Experiment

Going off directions from another blogger, my husband and I attempted to freeze raw potatoes. Here are the results of our Frozen Potato Experiment.

Our potatoes were un-pealed and shredded hash brown style, instead of cubed. Now we didn’t freeze completely raw potatoes, they were par boiled. Once they were par boiled, we spread them out on cookie sheets and freeze them, per the directions.

We love making breakfast scrambles, and thought this would be a frugal way to get potatoes for breakfast. That may sound silly, but we don’t buy potatoes often because we don’t eat them very often. Hence wanting to stock up and have them on hand in the freezer.

We treated a bag the same way we would a bag of the Simply Potatoes ® brand. We dumped them into a frying pan to make breakfast potatoes.

They turned into fried mashed potatoes!!!

At first, my husband was disappointed (actually, more than disappointed, there was swearing), but then I pointed out that we had mashed potatoes!!! We love mashed potatoes, but again, we don’t buy potatoes too often. I’m very happy that I have frozen potatoes that will turn into mashed potatoes whenever I want mashed potatoes.

There are some readers who will question why I just don’t go buy a few fresh potatoes for mashed potatoes. I like convenience foods. I really do. Keeping fresh potatoes around doesn’t work for my household. They usually go bad before they’re all used, especially if I get a bag of potatoes. And buying the smaller packs of baking potatoes isn’t fiscally smart in my opinion. At least in my local grocery stores, 2-4 large baking potatoes is the equivalent cost of a 10 lb. bag of potatoes.

Here’s a picture of the remaining three bags in my freezer:


© Cori Large 21 August 2016

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How I Keep Track of My Planners

This post was requested by several readers. If you’re a regular here on Tales from a Polk County Girl, you may swear up and down that I change my planner every week. I promise you this is not true. My editorial calendar at the time was not very fluid and I would end up posting about planners I hadn’t used in a few weeks.

Over the course of figuring out a planning system that works for me (all of 2015 by the way), I’ve used various ringed planners to see what I wanted. I also dabbled with Bullet Journaling in my bound journals. But neither method were making me happy. Yes, they worked, but I didn’t fully enjoy them. My very good friend, Canyon, had been trying to get me to try a Traveler’s Notebook almost since we first met. And up until this past February, I stood fast. I knew I needed the ability to move things around at leisure, so using a ringed planner made the most sense to me.

Then I caved. I bought a cheaper traveler’s notebook (ZLYC brand; TN) off Amazon, and played around with it for a while. The whole concept of a traveler’s notebook is to be able to carry around a couple of smaller notebooks in a traditional leather* wrap. So, uh, yeah, I like them…*looks sheepish* I’ve always loved notebooks. Bound journals as my weakness.

Since February I’ve been using a Traveler’s Notebook, and all my ringed planners are on a shelf in my office and are empty. Keeping track of the ones that are currently in use isn’t hard, because I refuse to duplicate information. Each TN has certain books in it and if I need that book I go get that TN.

Quick breakdown:

ZLYC narrow: monthly, journaling booklet, daily bujo style book




CS Maverick narrow: the master to do list, knitting insert, Collections #1 & 2 books, blogging insert


Fabric Dori I made: Gardening journal, homesteading insert, book notes book


ZLYC passport: story ideas, brain dump, extra notebook


As you can see, there isn’t any duplication in my books.

I hope this has answered the question of how I keep track of my planners. Now, with #oneBookJuly coming up, I may switch things around and see if I can handle using 1 book and 1 pen for a month.

*Midori Traveler’s Notebooks were the original traveler’s notebook, and are made of real leather. There are now a variety of traveler’s notebook covers available on the internet: faux/vegan leather, fabric, duct tape…

**This post was written before the Foxy Fix Marina was added to the collection.

© Cori Large 7 June 2016

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